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I offer Midwifery,Placenta Service, Massage Therapy and Reiki Services, as well as Cloth Diaper & BabyWearing Classes in Las Vegas, NV.


Hi! My name is Cora Williams and I am a WRM  Midwife, Placenta Specialist, Reiki Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist . My favorite things in the world are the beach (hence the mermaid name), my kids, babies and helping women during labor. 

I am a firm believer in creating a positive birth space WHEREVER you chose to birth your baby.


I work hard to make sure everyone involved in your birth is a positive force behind you the entire way. I believe that every family deserves someone who is helpful and knowledgeable about the beauty of birth.

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“I met Cora by chance when I had my first home birth in January of 2010  he is my 4th baby, but my first time birthing at home. We knew his birth would be fast but no one knew he would come earth side after only 45 minutes of labor. My midwife (Sherry Hopkins) grabbed the first available set of extra hands and drove to our house.  Those hands belonged to her lovely daughter Cora. Not only was it my first time birthing at home, it was Cora's first time attending a birth. I think the experience changed both of our lives. She was so sweet and kind and I even have pictures of her helping to drain the birth tub.


I don't know if either of us knew our paths would cross again but I believe we both experienced something magical that night. Fast forward a couple years to 2013 and I was expecting baby #7. I could have jumped for joy after finding out that Cora was doing some work as a birth doula. My husband and I immediately knew we wanted Cora to again join us for our birth!


On the day of Journeys big arrival I remember feeling so much comfort in Cora's presence. She has such a beautiful glow about her and speaks so soft. I think we all expected Journeys birth to be a fairly quick one but Journey wanted to make sure she lived up to her name. I labored for what seemed like hours upon hours. At one point I was trying to rest through contractions and was in so much pain, Cora sat by my side (while my husband snored away) and talked me through each surge.  We were in the dark and I remember her voice feeling like a warm glow giving off strength, as well as the warm soft, relieving  touch of her hands as she massaged my back. I can not imagine being able to get through those contractions with out her! I would recommend Cora to anyone looking for a doula, and plan on her attending the birth of my 8th baby due March 2015.”


Our Midwife Cora was the perfect fit for us! We felt very comfortable with her, she’s very personable, yet professional at the same time. She took her time with us at each visit we had, answered all of our questions, being first time parents there were a lot (even if they were silly ones). It was nice knowing she had given birth naturally to two children, made me feel like I could do it, no problem!


I also give Cora and Our Team props for working with Us & Our Tiny Home (RV), given very little space to get done what was needed from them. If your thinking of a home birth don’t be scared, be fearless! A Good Team Really makes a difference and I was able to let my fears subside.


I am so thankful to have found Cora (friends for life) within the group of Midwives at WRM. She worked with our budget and I was able to have my prefect home water birth! I can’t thank her enough for allowing us to work with her. If your looking for a Sweet, Knowledgeable & Caring Midwife, look no further, Cora’s Your Gal!" #RVBABY

I started out my pregnancy journey with a regular OB. After spending a total of 60-90 minutes in the waiting room at every visit, appointments quickly began to feel like more of a drag rather than exciting. The doctor (if we were lucky to see the actual doctor) would spend less than 10 minutes talking with us. Our visits felt very “run of the mill” and impersonal to say the least. 

   We chose to meet with a midwife at Well Rounded Momma when I was around 7 months pregnant to discuss a home birth. After the consult with Cora, we were 100% confident that this was how we wanted to proceed. It aligned perfectly with what we were believing for our birth.

  Our experience with Cora was AMAZING. She took her time with us at each appointment and helped us to tailor a birth plan specific to what we wanted. She made us feel fully prepared for labor, delivery & postpartum. During labor and delivery she was so supportive, calm and accommodating to my needs. We are so thankful to say that our birth was flawless! On 2/8/22 at 3:24pm our sweet and healthy little girl was born at our home. We could not have done it without Cora and the staff at WRM. Thank you for the incredible experience! 


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Shoot me an email, or give me a call at WRM 702 478 5080 to learn more, or make an appointment. Please allow 24 hrs for me to respond to your email.

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