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Cloth Diapering & Babywearing Workshops

I personally use and love cloth diapers and baby carriers and I know you will too, with a little guidance and know-how. All of these workshops are $15 and includes handouts and instruction. Click the register button for class dates and location. You can always walk into my office and ask any questions about cloth diapering or baby wearing. I would be more than happy to help.

Cloth Diaper Workshop

Come and find out all of the “ins and outs” of cloth diapering. Join us and learn from an expert Momma, and decide if cloth diapering is the best option for your family. Are you confused with all the different styles and brands? There are so many different options and it can be confusing, but this workshop will help you sort it all out! How many do you need, how much will it cost? What about washing and drying? Whether you are expecting your first baby, or considering switching over your older baby or toddler to cloth – this workshop is for you!

Babywearing Workshop

Did you know that babies who are worn by their mothers cry less, and have the benefit of better physical, mental, and emotional development? Did you know that moms who wear their babies are less likely to be affected by postpartum depression? There are so many reasons to learn this ancient art of bonding and nurturing. Join us for a one-session class to try on and learn how to use a variety of different baby carriers, and how they grow with your baby!

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